The 31st of October is drawing closer…trick or treat! Today, we bring you a striking DIY project from Lines Across. These watercolour pumpkins are not your average Halloween decoration. They’re fun and contemporary—without straying too far from tradition. A fresh take on a staple reproduced year after year, these pumpkins are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re throwing a party or dressing up the house for trick or treaters—try your hand creating water coloured pumpkins this year. Better still, these bountiful beauties are easy to make!


45 minutes


Ages 10+


Plastic craft pumpkins | White spray paint | Watercolour paints (the colours used here are Quniacridone Rose, Cerulean Blue and Purple) | Paper towels | Sponges | Sealant


  1. Start by painting your pumpkins. If you try to paint watercolours on white plastic pumpkins, it probably won’t stick, so use a flat white spray paint.
  2. Dab your sponge or paint brush in a little water and then in your watercolour paints. If your pumpkin is wet, the paint will spread all over, so you might want to start with a dry pumpkin.
  3. Dab a circle of watercolour paint on your pumpkin. Hold the pumpkin so that the surface where you are painting is flat. This is so the paint doesn’t drip too much.
  4. Add water to the edges of your original dot to spread the paint. As the paint dries, you can lightly spread it around the pumpkin so that there are areas that are very light. Leave some areas completely white. If you don’t like how it looks at any point, you can easily wipe off the paint with water and a paper towel.
  5. If you want to add more paint in areas, let the first layer dry first. You could also paint your stem, or leave it white.
  6. You will need to seal these pumpkins when you are done. Clear spray paint or Mod Podge gloss spray work well.


Place them at your front door and let the little trick or treaters wonder how they came to be. We think they’d also make a perfect centrepiece—couple them with blooms in similar shades for a truly chic Halloween celebration.

Recipe + photography by Rachel of Lines AcrossBlog_DIY_Make_WatercolourPumpkins_02.jpg