Hola amigos, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Literally translating to May the 5th, Cinco De Mayo arose out of a sense of pride and nationalism by the Mexican-Americans after 4000 Mexican soldiers defeated a French Army who was attempting to claim the country in 1862. While it’s a day celebrated mainly by Mexican-Americans, we think it’s a great excuse to bust out our sombreros and have a Mexican fiesta! We’ve put together a delicious Mexican feast for tonight’s celebrations. Pick your faves below then head home this evening and fiesta like there’s no mañana. Olé!


Blog_CincoDeMayoFeast_2015:05:05_04 Left: Strawberry Avocado Jalapeño Salsa via Tasty Yummies | Right: Gorditas + Salsa via Jaime Oliver


View More: http://katezimmermanpictures.pass.us/nacho-bar Nacho Bar via Camille Styles

Blog_CincoDeMayoFeast_2015:05:05_03 Left: Buttermilk Chicken Tacos via HOORAY! | Right: Fish Tacos via HOORAY!

Blog_CincoDeMayoFeast_2015:05:05_02 Left: Vegetarian Enchiladas Verde via Flourishing Foodie | Right: Beef Enchiladas via Damn Delicious


Blog_CincoDeMayoFeast_2015:05:05_05 Left: Crullers (Churros) with Chocolate Dip via Call Me Cupcake | Right: Buñuelos via Love + Cupcakes