Who doesn’t love something that you can bash with a stick and will spill out copious amounts of candy? Not us, that’s for sure!

We’ve found some of our absolute favourite DIY piñatas and lined them up below. But to be honest, once you’ve mastered the base of a piñata, you can make almost any shape you want. Happy crafting! Blog_DIYPinata_2015:08:05_01 Left: Donut Piñata, Studio DIY | Right: Apple Piñata, eHow
Blog_DIYPinata_2015:08:05_02 Left: Mini Piñatas, Little Inspiration | Right: Cereal Box Mini Piñata, A Pretty Cool Life DIY_Make_Pinata_15 Geometric Fringed Piñata, HOORAY! Blog_DIYPinata_2015:08:05_03 Left: Silver Diamond Piñata, Best Friends for Frosting | Right: Giant Popsicle Piñata, Oh Happy Day! Blog_DIYPinata_2015:08:05_04 Left: Taco Piñata, Studio DIY | Right: Watermelon Piñata, Oh Happy Day! Blog_DIYPinata_2015:08:05_05 Left: Birthday Piñata, The Sweetest Occasion | Right: Shooting Star Piñata, Confetti Pop