Your Easter decorations are about to get a whole lot better with this FREE downloadable illustrated garland, thanks to Evie Barrow! With a super cute bunny at one end and a carrot at the other, Evie says that the bunny’s mission is to find an ‘x’ which ultimately leads him to his favourite carrot. Luckily, the path he follows is guided by arrows, along which he leaves decorated eggs in return for his treat. In the attachment you’ll find both a coloured version and a black and white version that can be coloured in with the kids.

DIY_Make_EasterGarland_02 DIY_Make_EasterGarland_03 DIY_Make_EasterGarland_04DIY_Make_EasterGarland_06 DIY_Make_EasterGarland_07 DIY_Make_EasterGarland_08


1 hour


Ages 8+


Downloadable artwork (see below) | Printer + A4 paper (I’ve used 250gsm matte card, print area fits within Letter size) | Coloured pencils, pens, textas, paint (your medium of choice) | Scissors | String or thread | Tape


  1. Download and print artwork.
  2. Start colouring! You can leave it black and white if you like. If using the coloured version skip to step 3.
  3. Cut around each shape.
  4. Lay out a length of thread and place shapes in desired position.
  5. Keeping shapes in place trim thread to desired length.
  6. Slide each piece under the thread with right-side facing down.
  7. Tape pieces securely in place.


Hang in your favourite spot and enjoy! Get creative and think of other ways to celebrate Easter with these illustrations, like gift tags or a garland made only of carrots!

Project + Photography Evie Barrow