So, you’ve sent the invitations, baked the cake and decorated the house (Phew! Well done, you’re pretty organised!) …but have you thought about the party favours? If not—never fear, HOORAY! is here!

Today we’ve teamed up with Jo of Things by Bean—the birthday party cards, cakes and craft experts—to inspire you with 8 DIY ideas for kids’ birthday party favours, which are sure to impress even the littlest of guests!

Over to Jo from ‘Things By Bean’!

1. Sweets

One of our most popular party favour blogs is our DIY candy noodle boxes. These sweet little boxes are packed full of yummy sweets and let guests take a little bit of the party home with them.HOORAY_DIY-Kids-Party-Favours_01

Image: Things by Bean

2. Potted plants

Pop some seeds in a pot and let your little friends grow their own garden, or provide a deconstructed set to let the birthday guests make their own. A cute, eco-friendly party treat, which even the adults will love!HOORAY_DIY-Kids-Party-Favours_02

Elin’s 4th Birthday, HOORAY!

3. Popcorn

With creative flavours like salted caramel, rocky road, polka dot and hazelnut, these yummy treats will be a hit with the birthday guests! If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out HOORAY!’s round-up of 7 ways to flavour popcorn for parties.HOORAY_DIY-Kids-Party-Favours_03

7 ways to flavour popcorn for parties, HOORAY!

4. Candy bark

Another favourite (and quick!) party favour option is candy bark. Simply melt some chocolate, pop on some yummy goodness (think sprinkles, jelly beans, coconut, nuts, skittles and even cereal!), leave it to set and then break it up into edible shards. Things By Bean has an easy DIY for Milk and Cereal Candy Bark here.HOORAY_DIY-Kids-Party-Favours_04

Image: Things by Bean

5. DIY Soaps

Why not try your hand at some DIY soap? It’s a cute and functional favour that parents of little party guests are sure to love! Check out this DIY for Doughnut-Shaped Soap party favours—they almost look good enough to eat.HOORAY_DIY-Kids-Party-Favours_05

Doughnut Soap Party Favours, HOORAY!

6. DIY lace or flower crowns

Jump on board this massive trend and get your little princess (and prince!) guests to make their own crowns. From traditional flower crowns to DIY lace crowns, these are sure to be a hit and royally appreciated by guests.HOORAY_DIY-Kids-Party-Favours_06

Zoe’s Flower Crown Party, HOORAY!

7. Themed party favours

Think beach towels for a pool party, fairy wands for a princess party or design your own teacup for an Alice in Wonderland inspired party. Team your party favours around the party theme and you’ll look like a party planning professional.Little Red Riding Hood

Charlotte’s Little Red Riding Hood Party, HOORAY!

8. Home-made marshmallows

Who can resist a marshmallow or seven? If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, get your hands sticky and get baking (we promise it’s worth it!). We’ve got a recipe for home-made fluffy marshmallows here—these fluffy little pieces of heaven will go down a treat with the guests at your next party!HOORAY_DIY-Kids-Party-Favours_08

Homemade Fluffy Marshmallows, HOORAY!