As the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, don’t we all want to be more involved with nature?

Sure, you could go for a hike or ride your bike. But, even more fun than that is sitting back and taking a sip of a fresh cocktail infused with the most beautiful florals the great outdoors has to offer.

We all know flowers look great—but, did you know many of the taste even better (…and pair perfectly with alcohol)?

Keep scrolling to discover some recipe inspiration for delightful cocktails you can make yourself. They’re the perfect accompaniment for a warm spring day…

1. Sparkling Rosé Cocktail

Combining fresh grapefruit juice, egg white and Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosa, this cocktail is equal parts beautiful and delicious!

We adorned ours with beautiful florals and custom-made drink tags by the oh-so-talented Sketch and Etch – aren’t they just gorgeous?HOORAY-Cocktail-Sparkling-Rose12

Photography by Bel Combridge Photography.

2. Chamomile Flower Wine

Chamomile and honey are a tried and tested soothing favourite. So, you can trust this combination will go down a treat—especially with a splash (or a bottle) of wine mixed in.

Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_09 Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_08Line-break

Via She Who Eats

3. Lavender Bees Knees

Lavender Bees Knees is the perfectly sweet name for this perfectly sweet drink. The ingredients are simple, so it’s an easy-peasy drink to share with your favourite people!


Via Honestly Yum

4. The Garden Party

This one is called ‘The Garden Party’ for good reason: there are for different flower varieties that come together to craft this gorgeous libation!

Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_11 Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_10Line-break

Via The Good Drink

5. Rose and Rye

Rose syrup and rye whisky combine in this cocktail to create a drink that looks even better than it tastes (if you can believe it).


Via Saveur

6. Lavender Paloma

The lavender Paloma is bright and sprightly making it an amazing addition to any spring-time get together.


Via Saveur

7. Rose Martini

Ever wanted to be like James Bond… but better? Well then this one’s for you! This rose martini will have a dry martini beat any day of the week.

Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_07 Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_06Line-break

Via Design Sponge

8. Rose Water Cointreau Fizz

This cocktail couldn’t be prettier! We love the combination of fresh and floral in the Rose Water Cointreau Fizz.


Via Collective Gen

9. Jasmine-Infused Lychee Cooler

Classic tropical flavours of jasmine, lychee and lime infuse this refreshing cooler. The flavours they combine to create are delightfully exotic—perfect for entertaining those mid-week holiday daydreams.

Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_03 Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_02Line-break

Via Paticheri

10. Bellini Popsicles With Edible Flowers

These beauties are made from a mixture of fresh white peaches, prosecco and edible flowers. Made all the more beautiful for being the perfect refresher to bring out as the days get hotter.


Via Honestly Yum

11. Edible Flower Lemon Jelly Shots

It takes quite the innovator to make jelly shots elegant. It goes without saying, the creators behind this fresh take on the party favourite deserve quite the credit. Not to mention the sweet lemony flavour is absolutely mouth-watering!

Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_15 Spring-Floral-Cocktail-Ideas_14Line-break

Via Sugar and Cloth