Throwing a kid’s birthday party? Stray away from the standard lolly bag and give the kids something different for everyone to take home when the party is done and craft some delightfully different party favours for the mini party-goers.

We’ve pulled together eight unique kids party favour ideas, which are sure  to stand out from the crowd and give the little ones something special to take home.

Check out the list below for a round-up of our favourite unique party favours.

1. DIY flowerpots

Provide a flowerpot for each child and get them to decorate it with paint, fabrics and markers. They can then fill it with soil and plant some seeds for flowers or cacti. This party favour is a great idea because they will remember the party as they watch their very own plant grow! RC_Birthdays_Elins4thBirthday_55

Elin’s 4th Birthday, HOORAY!

2. Doughnut Soaps

Don’t these look good enough to eat? They’re quick and easy to pull together and it’s something kids will love to take home from a party—minus the sugar!Blog_DIY_Make_DoughnutSoapPartyFavours_02.jpg

Doughnut Soap Party Favours, HOORAY!

3. DIY Party Hats

Why not get the children to make their own party favour to take home? These home-made party hats are a super simple, hands on activity that kids will love. They get to choose which cardboard they want and can make it as extravagant or as simplistic as they like. Things like feathers, tulle (for little princesses) and glitter all look stunning. We love the idea of using floral glue to attach fresh flowers to the hat; they look gorgeously girly for any little lady!Blog_Tips_KidsPartyFavours_PartyHats

Images via Hunted Interior

4. DIY T-shirts

This is a perfect activity for children aged between 8 – 10. Set up a T-shirt decorating station with colourful paints and glitter—it’ll fill in time at the party and double as a memorable party favour!RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_04

Lily’s 9th Birthday, HOORAY!

5. Baskets of berries

We love these little woven baskets—they’d make the perfect container for a bunch of fresh strawberries and blueberries for the little ones to indulge on!  Little Red Riding Hood

Charlotte’s Little Red Riding Hood Party, HOORAY!

6. Bubbles

This one hardly needs an explanation—seriously, do you know a kid who doesn’t like bubbles? They’re sure to provide loads of entertainment!RC_Birthday_SophiesTeaParty_15.jpg

Sophie’s Tea Party, HOORAY!

7. Flower Crowns

This one’s a fun activity, which can be a little fiddly, but sure to delight! Set up a flower crown making station and teach mini-partygoers how to craft their own, beautiful crown of fresh blooms.RC_Birthday_FlowerCrownParty_08.jpg

Zoe’s Flower Crown Party, HOORAY!

8. Crayons

Encourage creativity with crayon party favours! You can also make your own to match the party theme—simply chop up some crayons, put the chopped pieces in moulds and pop them in the oven for about 20 minutes.Blog_Tips_KidsPartyFavours_Crayons

Left: via 100 Layer Cake | Right via 100 Layer Cake