Event stylists have a knack for crafting ridiculously amazing celebration set-ups, often seemingly without sweating it. So, how do they do it? What are their best-kept secrets? In this post, we’ll find out!  

Secret 1: Sort your suppliers  

Every event stylist has their favourite ‘go-to’ list of suppliers—in fact, this list is often their best-kept secret. Partnering with a wholesaler, like Five Star Party Co, mean that not only do you enjoy the perks of partnering with a large-scale party ware supply business, but you access the same prices as party stores themselves.Blog_StyledShoot_PinkBabyShower_04Image: How to Style a Baby Shower Brunch, HOORAY!

Secret 2: Use pre-assembled décor

Limited time for an event bump-in leaves little room for mistakes or time-consuming set-ups. Event stylists know they can maximise their use of time by using pre-assembled décor, such as pre-assembled tassels, which can save precious time on the day. The more preparation done in advance means less that needs to be worried about on the day of the event.DIY_Make_GeronimoInspiredPomPom_10.jpgImage: Geronimo-inspired Pom Pom, HOORAY!

Secret 3: Buy in bulk

Event stylists know the secret to cost-effective party décor is to buy in bulk through a wholesaler such as Five Star Party Co. Buying in bulk make it easy to achieve large-scale installations, such as balloon and honeycomb installations. Also, it means that you can purchase frequently used items in bulk, and keep party products on the shelf, saving time in preparation for the next event.  Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_35.jpgImage: Poppies for Grace, HOORAY! 

Secret 4: Create focal points

Focus your effort on one or two awe-inspiring focal areas, rather than diluting your styling efforts across a larger number of areas. You might like to try your hand at a large-scale hanging décor installation, or perhaps partner with a florist to create a jaw-dropping floral feature.
Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_03Image: Bridesmaids, Blooms and Balloons, HOORAY!

Secret 5: Don’t forget the details

While focal points are important, details matter. Pay attention to everything from the menus to event staff and signage. Ensure your styling theme is followed through from key pieces, to tiny details to bring the whole event together.blog_eventstylistsecrets_03Left image: Five Star Party Co | Right image:  Poppies for Grace, HOORAY! 

Secret 6: Don’t cut corners

If you opt for a theme, commit to it 100%. If you have gone for a bright rainbow-themed extravaganza, go all out and carry the theme through décor, music and food styling. Cutting corners will bring all your styling efforts down.Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_04.jpg

Image: Poppies for Grace, HOORAY! 

Secret 7: Pay attention to place settings

If you are styling a sit-down dinner, one of the most important elements of the set up are the table place settings. A perfect place setting will make attendees feel valued and will also give them an ‘Instagram-able’ photo opportunity.Blog_StyledShoot_SimplyPeachy_11Image: Bridesmaids, Blooms and Balloons, HOORAY!