Here at HOORAY!, we’re big advocates for free-spirited couples who bend the rules to create a celebration that is uniquely ‘them’; ditching meaningless traditions in favour creativity and fun.

When it comes to planning your wedding, you may feel a sense of pressure to conform to the long-standing traditions of what your big day supposedly ‘should’ look like. After all, weddings are a tradition in and of themselves!

But, when it comes down to it—it’s your wedding; so why shouldn’t you mix things up? We say, do away with anything that doesn’t resonate and instead, craft your festivities around you and your significant other.

There are plenty of ways to shake up the way you say ‘I do’, so don’t be afraid to ditch the rule book and step outside the box. Your guests will never forget a wedding that breaks tradition, and here are five thoughtful ways to do so:

The venue

Gone are the days where exchanging nuptials in a church is the expected norm. While we’ll never go past a religious venue if this aligns with the couple’s belief system, there are now a bunch of unique options to consider. From industrial warehouses and time-worn historic ruins, to the beaches of the Caribbean islands, you can get married literally anywhere you’d like! In need of some inspiration? We suggest you take a peek at some of the options we’ve handpicked in our Vendor GuideHOORAY_Perth-Industrial-Wedding-Venue_Fridays-Studio_14

Image: Friday’s Studio, Western Australia, HOORAY! 

The wedding cake

As self-confessed dessert-aficionados, we’ll never go past a dessert—but our hearts really sing when we see one that breaks away from the traditional tiered, fondant-coated ivory cake in favour of something that makes a bigger statement. From ‘paint stroke’ cakes, to sculptural masterpieces, there are so many creative options to choose from. Or, if you’re just not that into cake, why not try a fun alternative? We suggest a doughnut tower, stacked cheese wheels, or even an assortment of your fave Petit Fours!Blog_DIY_Cook_FlowerfettiCake_01.jpg

Image: Flowerfetti Cake, HOORAY!

The dress

Plain ivory is not the only option when it comes to your wedding dress. We love gowns that play on tradition with unique designs—think, fresh colours, iridescent fabrics, unique silhouettes and gowns heavily adorned in beading.onedaybridal-vogue-bride-yin-custom-wedding-gown9-Blossom Daisy CollectiveImage: One Day Bridal, Photographed by Blossom Daisy Creative

The reception

Your reception provides time to have fun with your big day. Consider switching up the traditional sit-down meal routine and instead make it more relaxed. Let guests help themselves to food—whether it be street food-style chefs serving up hot dishes, or an abundance of delights styled upon an extravagant grazing table open up to everyone.HOORAY_Perth-Engagement_Chiara-Josh_33

Image: Chiara + Josh, HOORAY! 

The White Diamond ring

While we’ll always covet the classic beauty of a white solitaire ring, we love a deep, moody stone as a luxe alternative to the traditional engagement ensemble. These decadent, moody-hued pieces are the perfect adornment for a bride that doesn’t play by the rules; the bride who seeks to flaunt her individuality with a one-of-a-kind jewel as unique as she is.Feature-image-Dark-Diamonds

Image: Dark Diamonds, HOORAY!