If you’re anything like us, packing to go away anywhere—let alone a destination wedding—is no easy task. Not only do you need to pack your usual holiday must-haves, you also need to remember the essentials for the big day. It’s so easy to get stressed out and forget key items, so with the wedding season fast approaching, we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide on how to pack for a ceremony far from home.

We’ll run through everything you need to pack, so you don’t forget a thing!RC_Weddings_MelisaandDuncan_20

Image: Melisa + Duncan, HOORAY! 

1. Passports, travel tickets and visas

This one’s a no-brainer, but so easy to forget! If travelling overseas, don’t forget your passport and key travel documents. This would include your travel itinerary, boarding passes, tickets, and visas. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve got a credit card, travellers cheques or cash in the currency of your destination. We also recommend leaving a copy of your passport at home with someone who isn’t travelling—just in case you lose it!RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_20.jpg

Image: Sara + Charbel, HOORAY!

2. A large suitcase

Well, yes—this isn’t something you actually pack, but rather something that you pack things into. It’s important to make sure your suitcase is large, durable and lightweight. We recommend checking out some of the options available at Bags to Go—like the Antler range for stylish, practical travel luggage.RC_Wed_SophieMichael_18.jpg

Image: Sophie + Michael, HOORAY!

3. Swimwear

If you’re headed somewhere tropical, don’t forget swimwear. We recommend packing a strapless set, so you can avoid unwelcome tan lines before the big day. Remember to pack a cover-up, sandals, a towel and a hat too.RC_Weddings_MartyandHayley_40Image: Hayley + Marty, HOORAY!

4. Don’t bring a gift

Yes, you read this correctly—do not bring a gift to the wedding for the newlyweds. The couple is getting married at a destination, so don’t burden them with the struggle of getting all their bulky gifts couriered back home. Instead, contact the couple in advance to ask for a mailing address for their gifts.RC_Weddings_AmanandSonu_17

Image: Aman + Sonu, HOORAY!

5. Personal items

You’ll need a bunch of personal items with you. Don’t forget your toothpaste and toothbrush, makeup set, skincare items, deodorant, hair brush, hair products, medication, contact lenses/reading glasses, sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen, razors, and nail care items.RC-Wedding-Bec-Andrew-28.jpg

Image: Bec + Andrew, HOORAY!

6. Electronics

You’ll want to take some happy snaps to remember the occasion, so don’t forget your camera, memory cards and camera charger. Also, don’t forget your phone and phone charger! Be sure to understand international mobile phone and data charges to avoid any surprise bills upon your return.RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_12.jpg

Image: Sara + Charbel, HOORAY!

7. Travel sewing kit

Make sure you’ve got a sewing kit on hand for any last-minute mishaps with wedding attire. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a destination to find a button missing or a gaping hole in your planned outfit, so keep a travel sewing kit and safety pins on hand for quick fixes.RC_Weddings_SaraJoyandTony_25

Image: Sara-Joy + Tony, HOORAY! 

8. For the bride and groom

And if you’re the soon-to-be-married couple, don’t forget these important items:

Wedding Rings

Wedding Dress

Wedding Day Shoes


Wedding suit

Wedding night lingerie

Wedding day jewellery

Guest favours

Gifts for bridal party

Your vows

Change of shoes/slippers for dancing at the reception


Cake topper

An invitation for photography

Seating place cards or table numbers (if you’re bringing your own)


Traditional Ceremony celebration items (if needed)

Copies of contracts with vendors, proof of payment to vendors, and vendor contact information