So, it’s a scene we know all too well; it’s all dreary and freezing cold outside, but your little one’s birthday is just around the corner. Need some help planning a super-dooper soiree for the little ones when it’s cold out? Never fear HOORAY! is here!

We’ve pulled together seven tips for hosting a kid’s party this winter, which are sure to delight!

1.Opt for a winter-theme

Plan the party with a winter theme. Think pyjama party, movie night/popcorn party, winter wonderland, Frozen, Gloves and Gumboots, S’mores…

RC_Birth_30thSmoresParty_01 Photography  Fox & Fallow

2. Organise some indoor games

Board games are always a winner, but you could also clear the living room set up games like Jenga, indoor bowling, dominos. But if you’re one for tradition, there’s always your typical party games like pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel, musical statues, and so on. Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_02.jpg

Left: via Ritzy Bee | Right: via Studio DIY

3. Set up a hot chocolate bar

This will be sure to warm all the kid’s bellies!RC_Birthdays_Collettes1stbirthday_16

Image: Collette’s 1st Birthday

4. Serve Warm Food

Swap the ice cream cake and fairy bread for warm treats such as frankfurts, sausage rolls, party pies, and toasted sandwiches cut into fun shapes RC_Birthday_LolaMaysSparkleParty_16 Photography Lana Pratt Photography

5. Pick An Indoor Venue

If your house isn’t big enough, host your party at a cheap indoor venue like a play park, rock climbing, ice-skating, or bowling.RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_02

Image: Dotty’s 4th Birthday

6. Avoid early morning parties

We all like to push our alarms back on weekend once the mercury drops. RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_10Photography Claire Cosh

7. Deck it out with balloons

Kids LOVE balloons. Take advantage of your indoor venue and fill it to the brim with these time (and energy) consuming little beauties.

RC-Birthday-EvieTurns2-08 Photography Amy Oliver Photography